[ I ]

– self finding, a thought and mind beyond existence reality –

"Who am I?"


The concept is based on fundamental of space and architectural structure itself. 

This thesis is to address the meanings beyond our reality. We create words in order to figure out reality.  We label realities because this is how we understand the existence of real; in order to do that we have to create basic syntax and grammar, but this becomes the order of something complex describing the order of something simple. These two work very differently and therefore reality loses its’ naturalness of meaning.
The nothingness in thought and mind is a person’s way to experience and feel reality. People have lost the fundamental of reality-ness; a place of naturalness, the original mind of pure awareness. A place to restore originally, or perhaps leave as it is.  

What is reality? What does reality mean in our intellectual words? Is there a word or a statement that truly describes “reality”? How could we combine the elements of “reality” into “a single distinct meaningful element of speech or writing”? The problem with the word “reality” is that we put reality into a fixed concrete term. In another words; “word” is the problematic conclusion. Words have meanings: and we can look up meanings from a dictionary. And sometimes words can be misinterpreted and/or mistranslated. Every time we search for a meaning of a word it leads to another meaning and another meaning, which becomes an endless loop.  It is impossible to describe the meaning of “reality” in the dictionary. Because reality is not in the dictionary.  


As for human beings, the first thing we learned is a name for everything. And we become very careful to analyze every object we see and put a title on it. In a way reality becomes concrete like.  Words are great, it creates a bridge between humans to communicate, but sometimes, words can miss, in which it creates a chain around real meanings. As if reality is a void, and we fill this void with words and conclude ourselves with limitation. And somehow reality itself is lost and separated from its original self.