Tang Residence

Duplex apartment

This new duplex apartment is for the Tang family, a Chinese family with three generations. The apartment is located on 135 Greene Street, New York City. The apartment features two floors, each approximately 2,770 sq. feet and sixteen feet high ceiling and five (5’ x 10’) east-facing windows that overlook Greene Street. A new staircase connects the two levels into one duplex apartment.

Tradition is the transmission of customs and beliefs from generation to generation. Old tradition has its history and storytelling. Throughout times, we tend to look back to traditional ideas and interconnect with newer ideas and inspirations. The concept is modifications in tradition. The traditional Chinese elements of brush ink, wood joints, and lantern lighting. These old elements transform into new tradition with our imagination. In this design we concentrate on remaking the traditions with present innovated ideas. Our idea is to transmogrify traditional forms of design. Keeping the traditional purpose yet revision with different visions.